Sash Window Man by Winnie Thomson

POEM: The Sash-Window Man

A poem by Winnie Thomson


William is the sash-window man.
He knows each one,
And treats the wayward, mal-functioning windows
Like children
Needing remedial care.
Carefully measuring
With experienced hands,
He takes the ailing window out.
(The room’s transformed —
A gaping hole ! is where there once were panes and bars.)
But this is how the window surgeon works to mend and heal the broken sash.
He doesn’t rush, never hastens.
All is weighed- and weighted-
Huge steel sausages and
Important, expensive shiny leaden ones,
Wait to be attached
To their skipping-rope sash-cord
And then with expert skill,
He works, and tests
Until the window is



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