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Damon Galgut

Novel Questions

Damon Galgut discusses the weird compulsion of writing fiction

Geoff Dyer - Photo by Jason Oddy

Geoff in Joburg: an interview with Mr Dyer

In a wide-ranging interview, Geoff Dyer tells SIMON VAN SCHALKWYK about language, writing and a sense of place.

Nancy Richards

THE READER: Nancy Richards

Nancy Richards is the much-loved presenter of SAfm Literature — the country’s premier radio show about books and all things literary.

Ivan Vladislavic

Building with words

CHRISTINE EMMETT chats to acclaimed writer and editor Ivan Vladislavić about his passionate and painstaking approach to constructing fiction.

Marianne Thamm

WORK/LIFE: Marianne Thamm

“Just do the work,” advises journalist and award-winning author Marianne Thamm in a discussion of her working life.

Antony Horowitz

Confessions of a polymath

Ahead of the launch of his new Sherlock Holmes novel, Moriarty, Anthony Horowitz discusses his wretched upbringing, inspiration, the writing process and tells aspirant authors: “Do something illegal but don’t get caught.”

Henrietta Rose-Innes

WORK/LIFE: Henrietta Rose-Innes — author

“When I’m dreading the work for some reason, I’ll do anything to avoid it.” — the award-winning novelist and short story writer Henrietta Rose-Innes discusses her working life.

Zoë Wicomb

WORK/LIFE: Zoë Wicomb — novelist

“I wish I were more ambitious.” Award-winning novelist and the author of October, Zoë Wicomb, shares her working life.