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Ragged Glory

Rainbow nation rogues and heroes

ALEXANDER MATTHEWS reviews Ragged Glory, a vivid account of South Africa’s democracy by veteran journalist Ray Hartley.

Greg Mills

EXTRACT: Why States Recover by Greg Mills

In this extract, Greg Mills explores the trumping of politics over strategy in Barack Obama’s approach to the Middle East.

After Freedom

Young and free in history’s shadow

JOSHUA MASEROW reviews After Freedom, an accessible and incisive diagnosis of post-apartheid South Africa by sociologists Katherine Newman and Ariane De Lannoy.

Are South African's Free by Lawrence Hamilton

A dream deferred?

JOSHUA MASEROW reviews Are South Africans Free?, a limpid critique by Lawrence Hamilton of the democratic South Africa’s challenges in attaining genuine freedom for all its citizens.

An Imperfect Blessing by Nadia Davids

EXTRACT: An Imperfect Blessing by Nadia Davids

An extract from Nadia Davids’ exquisite debut novel.

Nadia Davids | Photograph by John Gutierrez

Past tense, future hopes

GARETH LANGDON chats to Nadia Davids about her exquisite debut novel, An Imperfect Blessing, which unpeels the hope and turbulence of a Cape Town in transition.

100 Good Ideas: Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy

EXTRACT: 100 Good Ideas

From a pop-up desert community to a renowned composer, these are some of the things that make South Africa great.

Alex Boraine

EXTRACT: What’s Gone Wrong? by Alex Boraine

Alex Boraine on the ANC’s fetishisation of power.