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POEM: My Father Loved Cars

A poem by Pam Newham.

Gravestone by Bronwyn Douman

FICTION: Gravestone

A mother remembers her son in this new short story by Bronwyn Douman.

POEM: Red Rope

A poem by Lynne Kloot.

Dominique Botha

EXTRACT: False River by Dominique Botha

An extract from Dominique Botha’s haunting debut novel.

Remember your Death by Wesley Robertson

FICTION: Remember your death

Wesley Robertson unpeels the anatomy of a murder in his new short story.

A most magnanimous gift by Rahiem Whisgary

FICTION: A most magnanimous gift

An act of generosity has disturbing implications in this new short story by Rahiem Whisgary.

Plumstead Cemetery

FICTION: Plumstead Cemetery

A short story by Alexander Matthews.