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Emma Vandermerwe

THE READER: Emma Vandermerwe — curator

SMAC Art Gallery curator Emma Vandermerwe reveals the reads that have inspired her.

Asunder by Chloe Aridjis

The geometry of disruption

LARA BUXBAUM is enthralled by the moments of unanticipated exhilaration in Asunder the second novel by Chloe Aridjis.

WORK/LIFE: Fourthwall

WORK/LIFE: Fourthwall’s Bronywn Law-Viljoen and Oliver Barstow

Editor and writer Bronywn Law-Viljoen and designer and writer Oliver Barstow own Fourthwall Books, which publishes exquisitely designed, written and crafted art books. They discuss their working lives.

Brett Murray

The dying twitches of a pretend-pretend iconoclast

As he launches his new book, Brett Murray, one of South Africa’s most brilliant contemporary artists, reflects on the importance of satire, his controversial painting The Spear, and why he’s in blackface on the front cover.

Petra Mason

WORK/LIFE: Petra Mason — cultural historian

Miami-based cultural historian and creative director Petra Mason discusses the beautiful books she’s been working on.