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Alex Boraine

EXTRACT: What’s Gone Wrong? by Alex Boraine

Alex Boraine on the ANC’s fetishisation of power.

What's Gone Wrong? by Alex Boraine

At the precipice

CRAIG LAURENCE is impressed by What’s Gone Wrong?, Alex Boraine’s meticulously argued analysis of the state of South Africa.

Max du Preez

EXTRACT: A Rumour of Spring by Max du Preez

Claiming South Africa is heading towards failed-state status is alarmist and inappropriate, argues Max du Preez in this extract.

Rumour of Spring by Max du Preez

Twenty years later

ALEXANDER MATTHEWS reviews A Rumour of Spring, Max du Preez’s compelling and articulate diagnosis of the state of South Africa today.

SA Politics Unspun by Stephen Grootes

EXTRACT: SA Politics Unspun

In this extract from his handbook to South African politics, Stephen Grootes explains the “blue light brigade” phenomenon, and the controversy surrounding the ANC’s VIP security and motorcades.

Stephen Grootes

10 QUESTIONS: Stephen Grootes

Radio 702’s Stephen Grootes looks ahead to South Africa’s general elections as he discusses his new book — SA Politics Unspun — an indispensable decoding of the political landscape.

Brett Murray

The dying twitches of a pretend-pretend iconoclast

As he launches his new book, Brett Murray, one of South Africa’s most brilliant contemporary artists, reflects on the importance of satire, his controversial painting The Spear, and why he’s in blackface on the front cover.