Poetry submissions

AERODROME publishes original poetry weekly, and we welcome your contributions.

Poems can be submitted to poetry[at]aerodrome.co.za as an attachment — as a Word document (.doc or .docx).

Poems should be single spaced and not longer than 30 lines. Please include your name alongside the title of each poem; if you are submitting several poems, please send them in a single document. Please only submit a maximum of four poems at a time.

We will only accept poems that have not been previously published (with the exception of having been published on your personal website or blog).

You will retain the copyright to your work, but by submitting to AERODROME you give us permission to publish your poetry online, in print and elsewhere.

Poems that land in our mailbox are evaluated on a monthly basis by AERODROME’s poetry editor, Finuala Dowling. We’ll be in touch within about four weeks from the date of your submission if your poetry has been selected for publication. We are unable to provide feedback on poems which have not been selected.