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Food and family and friends

SARAH LAURENCE reviews Confessions of a Hungry Woman by Sam Woulidge.


This delightfully colourful, intimate recipe book with a difference is Sam Woulidge’s admittedly “unashamedly self-indulgent” love letter – and we’re so glad she shared it with us. Woulidge started writing her blog and a food column for Woolworths’ TASTE magazine while travelling the world on a cruise ship (her husband worked on board) and came back to reclaim her country, rekindle her friendships and, reluctantly, face her kitchen.

A self-proclaimed “hungry woman”, she has turned her misgivings about her voluptuous figure into a career and a dedication to food – “a delicious, delectable friend”. For, while hungry for good food and experiences, she would rather share a bottle of wine with friends than labour alone in the kitchen. This, then, is unique in that it is very much an eater’s cookbook – as opposed to the thousands of chefs’ cookbooks that tempt us in bookshops, seeming to snigger at our inability to measure up to their professional standards. Far from taking centre stage, measurements and performance pressure in the kitchen fall away as the recipes are included in the midst of conversations with 14 good friends and families – all who were tasked to create a simple menu for six, the recipes of which were unhesitatingly tested by the stove-phobic Woulidge herself.

These meals are lovingly bookended by personal snapshots and some of Woulidge’s TASTE columns, providing insights into foods from around the globe and from her childhood – tangible, tasty memories which many South Africans will find familiar. A lovely gift for any South African family in whose kitchen you enjoy spending time, albeit one you may be reluctant to relinquish.

Confessions of a Hungry Woman is published by Struik Lifestyle, R270, and has been selected as one of AERODROME’s WinterReads.

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    Thank you for such a lovely, warm review. Much appreciated!

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