Sing to Me O Muse

POEM: Sing to me, O Muse

An extract from the new play by Genna Gardini


Of that time when we stood kissing in my kitchen
Or drunk on my floor, drunker in your shower,
Or in my sister’s spare bed, or when you dropped
Off the books you borrowed from me and didn’t come in
And I didn’t want them back. Tell me about your
Bad new tattoos, Memory’s youngest girl,
And the new bars you go to and the power
You wrote about when you knew you had them
Like you had me, and then suddenly stopped
Having. Sing about your cigarettes (four
After breakfast, but before lunch) itching
To see yourself when you breathe smoke something
Awful, the picture of you like a pearl,
Like drink gone stale, like the wrong anthem.
Sing to me, O Muse,
Or at least just pick up the goddamned phone.



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