A poem by Buntu Ngcuka

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A poem by Buntu Ngcuka


Nothing is enough
Not that there’s anything to begin with
The sex and the crushes
The failed romances, the disappointments
The alcohol and the clothes
The friendships that are mere performances
Nothing with substance, just for show
I’m surrounded by swag and labels
12 inch weaves and six inch heels
I’m surrounded by vanity
Cliques and brotherhoods I can never be a part of
Pretentious people
Treacherous people
Nasal Model C accents that laugh with me
And then at me as soon as I turn away
The thirst for validation quenched by Black Twitter hashtags
Repetitive statuses, ungrammatical and so plastic
Images of perfection fool me
Attract me, sleep with me
Then leave
And I’m left with nothing
There has to be more
Meaning, depth, honesty
Empathy, understanding, feeling
Anything to take away the loneliness
Something to fill this emptiness



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