Middle-aged White Women

POEM: Middle-aged white women

A poem by Stephanie Saunders


Middle-aged white women
overwhelm literary events
and public lectures and are
seen volunteering everywhere
and this is remarked upon
as if they are crowding out
more deserving members
of the population, even if
the preferred ones are
too busy, working, playing,
learning, whatever, and don’t
give a shit about the things
that interest pale ladies,
no longer young, who could
be compared to fat grey moths,
swarming around a single candle,
denying everyone else its light.

This needs to be corrected.
If you are driving a bakkie,
you can, on a weekday,
at certain stations and crossroads,
find young men, mostly black,
seeking a day’s employment,
who will, if you pay them,
jump onto the back
and can then be conveyed to
events, where you’ll find
and can thus solve, the problem of
middle-aged white women.



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