Retreat - The Joy of Conscious Eating by Daniel Jardim

EXTRACT: Retreat — The Joy of Conscious Eating

Five delicious recipes from the seasonal vegetarian cookbook

Retreat – The Joy of Conscious Eating contains an eclectic mix of wholesome, mouthwatering vegetarian recipes – from onigiri (the Japanese rice balls below) to boeber (a traditional Cape Malay drink).

Chef Daniel Jardim believes that cooking is “the most direct for connecting with the present moment” — an easy and playful way to live life more mindfully. His 80 recipes embrace the idea of seasonal cooking –  “matching what is happening outside with the food that we consume every day”, thereby encouraging us to be more conscious — or mindful — of our surroundings.

There are some fabulous warming recipes in the autumn and winter sections, perfect for getting through the last few weeks of winter.

Below are our five favourite recipes from the book. Click on the images to enlarge them.

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Retreat – The Joy of Conscious Eating is published by Jacana and is available from



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