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A visit to the studio of South Africa’s best-loved cartoonist.

Sebastian Barry

WORK/LIFE: Sebastian Barry — novelist

“How people get anything done nine to five beats me,” the twice Man Booker-shortlisted novelist Sebastian Barry confesses in this frank discussion of his working life.

Meg Vandermerwe

WORK/LIFE: Meg Vandermerwe

“You have got to be willing to do the long, slow, unglamorous graft,” says Meg Vandermerwe, author of the novel Zebra Crossing and the head of the University of the Western Cape’s creative writing programme.

Marianne Thamm

WORK/LIFE: Marianne Thamm

“Just do the work,” advises journalist and award-winning author Marianne Thamm in a discussion of her working life.

Henrietta Rose-Innes

WORK/LIFE: Henrietta Rose-Innes — author

“When I’m dreading the work for some reason, I’ll do anything to avoid it.” — the award-winning novelist and short story writer Henrietta Rose-Innes discusses her working life.

Margie Orford

WORK/LIFE: Margie Orford — crime novelist

The author of the bestselling Clare Hart crime novels discusses her working life.

Zoë Wicomb

WORK/LIFE: Zoë Wicomb — novelist

“I wish I were more ambitious.” Award-winning novelist and the author of October, Zoë Wicomb, shares her working life.

WORK/LIFE: Fourthwall

WORK/LIFE: Fourthwall’s Bronywn Law-Viljoen and Oliver Barstow

Editor and writer Bronywn Law-Viljoen and designer and writer Oliver Barstow own Fourthwall Books, which publishes exquisitely designed, written and crafted art books. They discuss their working lives.