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Damon Galgut

Novel Questions

Damon Galgut discusses the weird compulsion of writing fiction

Geoff Dyer - Photo by Jason Oddy

Geoff in Joburg: an interview with Mr Dyer

In a wide-ranging interview, Geoff Dyer tells SIMON VAN SCHALKWYK about language, writing and a sense of place.

Jonathan Jansen

In the classroom

SARAH LAURENCE chats to university rector and education expert Professor Jonathan Jansen about his book, written with Molly Blank — How to Fix South Africa’s Schools.

Ivan Vladislavic

Building with words

CHRISTINE EMMETT chats to acclaimed writer and editor Ivan Vladislavić about his passionate and painstaking approach to constructing fiction.

Justin Cartwright © Jaime Turner

The émigré

“There’s no other way of writing except through what you know,” says Justin Cartwright in his conversation with SARAH LAURENCE about his new novel, Lion Heart.

Antony Horowitz

Confessions of a polymath

Ahead of the launch of his new Sherlock Holmes novel, Moriarty, Anthony Horowitz discusses his wretched upbringing, inspiration, the writing process and tells aspirant authors: “Do something illegal but don’t get caught.”

Richard de Nooy

In search of empathy

Amsterdam-based author Richard de Nooy discusses The Unsaid, his new novel.

Nadia Davids | Photograph by John Gutierrez

Past tense, future hopes

GARETH LANGDON chats to Nadia Davids about her exquisite debut novel, An Imperfect Blessing, which unpeels the hope and turbulence of a Cape Town in transition.