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Ghana Must Go

Searching for home

GARETH LANGDON is enchanted by the exquisite poetry of Taiye Selasi’s novel, Ghana Must Go.

POEM: My Father Loved Cars

A poem by Pam Newham.

Slow Fires Extract

EXTRACT: Slow Fires by Dan Wylie

An extract from Slow Fires, a collection of poems by Dan Wylie accompanied by Roxandra Dardagan Britz’s illustrations.

POEM: Rainbow worship

A poem by Doug Kazé .

Slow Fires

Beastly verses

FINUALA DOWLING is delighted by Slow Fires, Dan Wylie’s beautifully-made and eminently readable collection of poems.

POEM: The Dance

A poem by Anel Hamersma.

The Children Act by Ian McEwan

Belief in the law

CHRISTINE EMMETT reviews The Children Act, the precise and elegant — but ultimately unsatisfying — new novel by Ian McEwan.

POEM: Blonde ambition

A poem by Arafah Fakier.