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The War That Ended Peace by Margaret MacMillan

Lest we forget, or wonder why

Historian BILL NASSON reviews The War That Ended Peace, Margaret MacMillan’s hefty and enthralling assessment of the causes of World War 1.

Joel Pollak

10 QUESTIONS: Joel B. Pollak

The senior editor-at-large of Breitbart News discusses his book on the Tea Party, Wacko Birds.

Jonathan Jansen

In the classroom

SARAH LAURENCE chats to university rector and education expert Professor Jonathan Jansen about his book, written with Molly Blank — How to Fix South Africa’s Schools.

Ragged Glory

Rainbow nation rogues and heroes

ALEXANDER MATTHEWS reviews Ragged Glory, a vivid account of South Africa’s democracy by veteran journalist Ray Hartley.

Greg Mills

EXTRACT: Why States Recover by Greg Mills

In this extract, Greg Mills explores the trumping of politics over strategy in Barack Obama’s approach to the Middle East.

After Freedom

Young and free in history’s shadow

JOSHUA MASEROW reviews After Freedom, an accessible and incisive diagnosis of post-apartheid South Africa by sociologists Katherine Newman and Ariane De Lannoy.

Are South African's Free by Lawrence Hamilton

A dream deferred?

JOSHUA MASEROW reviews Are South Africans Free?, a limpid critique by Lawrence Hamilton of the democratic South Africa’s challenges in attaining genuine freedom for all its citizens.

Opposite Mandela by Tony Leon

EXTRACT: Opposite Mandela by Tony Leon

Tony Leon recalls the strained relationship between President Mandela and FW de Klerk in this extract from his new book.